Don't quit.

Let's adapt to the new norm. We will come through this together.

We are here to support your business during this pandemic Covid19

About Us

Meaning Behind Lexapay Sdn Bhd

Envisioning a future of seamless commercial transactions, we are here to serve communities to materialise their dreams despite how small or big. Here at Lexapay we believe in togetherness and that no success comes as a result of solitude and self-preservation. It started with a little wonder, pondering upon marginalised communities and how underbellies had to work ten-folds or even more to thrive through difficult times, especially now. We realised people do have dreams but left unfacilitated, unaccommodated and unattended.

What We Do

What we can do for you

Let’s find out how we overcome the devastating impact of Covid19 pandemic.


Now you are capable of readjusting and adapting to the new norm. Lets encourage society for a new landscape in events.


Get your own e-commerce platform to sustain your business during this Covid19

Website Subscription (eCommerce)

Need help to digitalize or convert your payment process into digital? We can provide you a platfrom for FREE!

Fund Raising

Own a platform to raise any kind of fund online. Now, everyone can contribute.

Residence Management System

We provide system for management to automated billing from the residence.

Tadika Management System

System that help tadika owner in the operation of student registration and recurring monthly fee.

How we start

Every Process


We will discuss and understand your needs.


Development phase will be done carefully to meet the objectives.


After getting approval, we will continue to start the deployment phase.

Awesome Product

It's done. Now the product is ready for your company.

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