About Us

We shall soar resiliently and relentlessly, together through these hard times.

What we stand, run and soar for?

Envisioning a future of seamless commercial transactions, we are here to serve communities to materialise their dreams despite how small or big. Here at Lexapay we believe in togetherness and that no success comes as a result of solitude and self-preservation. It started with a little wonder, pondering upon marginalised communities and how underbellies had to work ten-folds or even more to thrive through difficult times, especially now. We realised people do have dreams but left unfacilitated, unaccommodated and unattended.

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We are here to celebrate these dreams and create opportunities for people to make it come true. Providing all kinds of website services ranging from e-commerce website and static website to fundraising and donation events, in Lexapay we are happy to assist and see you grow!

The Internet Is A Business’ New Best Friend.​

The growth of commercial transactions is rampant and increases exponentially day by day. Local creations, services and innovations are being put out there for sale with more people having started to get involved in running their own businesses and some have ideas to sell.

So, where do they go from there? Although we do believe in the power of social media, some requires a bit more strategic push. Providing website solutions to any types of companies, from startup companies to small-medium businesses and even big players, we are ready to set you up with an e-commerce website platform that is seamlessly integrated and best tailored to your business needs.

Telling your stories the way it deserves to be told.

Apart from providing assistance to businesses, Lexapay are also experts when it comes to managing your stories, political affiliations, ideas and any contents worth publicising. We provide affordable and sustainable solutions to cater to you or your organisations. To us website designing is an art form of its own. To appeal to viewers and visitors, it takes more than just click-baiting or catchy headlines. In fact, we look into the small details too. We believe in the power of colours, content arrangement and font compatibility to provide insight to readers of your platform personality and at the same time appear pleasing. Aside form championing the saying “the eye is the window to the soul”, we also stand for freedom of association and speech. So express those thoughts and get your brand together.

Narrow gaps, bridge communities.

The on-going ruthless pandemic has set autonomous boundaries between people and that saddens us the most. We hold on to the value of togetherness and being stronger in numbers. Although, proving solutions for virtual activity requires extensive brainstorming and squeezing, but we are game for it! Over the past centuries, mankind has constantly evolved to adapt, survive and thrive hard times thus becoming better, smarter and stronger. All are attributable to the spirit of communal strength and unity. Innovating outdoor activities such as running or marathons to be done virtually or providing systematic fee payment platforms for neighborhood unions, we are constantly researching ways to allow communities to stay in touch and spread energetic vibes to one another.

Affordable, enough said.

Lexapay believes in every cent counts! Despite providing cheap and affordable website and service solutions, we assure you that every cent is put into our wholehearted work poured onto the screens of your gadgets. Learn more about our services today!

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